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August 20 2013

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Bandwidth, latency, and radio performance - Crash course on web performance (Fluent 2013) - YouTube

January 21 2011

January 17 2011

September 30 2010


How Does Your Browser Compare?

January 26 2010

All things CakePHP :: The Cookbook

Welcome to the Cookbook, the CakePHP documentation. The Cookbook is a wiki-like system allowing contributions from the public. With an open system, we hope to maintain a high level of quality, validity, and accuracy for the CakePHP documentation. The Cookbook also makes it easy for anybody to contribute.

January 25 2010

Conditional comments, wenige Requests | Codecandies

Ich halte conditional comments für eine Lösung, CSS direkt auf den Internet Explorer und seine verschiedenen Hydra Versionen zu werfen. Ob aber die typische Art wie sie benutzt werden wirklich effizient ist, daran sind mir in letzter Zeit Zweifel gekommen.

LESS - Leaner CSS

LESS was inspired by its predecessors—especially Sass, a ruby project which provides an ingenious solution to a lot of the common problems CSS designers and web developers face when developping large websites. So why make an alternative to Sass? It's simple: syntax. One of the key features of Sass is its indentation-based syntax, which gives you curly-brace and semi-column free code. But the cost of this is having to learn a new syntax and having to rebuild your current stylesheets.

August 07 2009

Main Page - Ajax Patterns

AjaxPatterns.org began as a collection of design patterns, which formed the basis of the book, Ajax Design Patterns, and grew into a publicly editable wiki on anything and everything Ajax. All pages (except this homepage) are now editable, no registration required. Feel free to contribute!
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