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August 09 2014

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August 09 2012

May 06 2010

MacRuby » Introductory Tutorial

Welcome to the MacRuby Tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn the basic things you need to know in order to develop with Mac OS X frameworks using MacRuby.

January 30 2010

Tutorial: Getting Started with Zend Framework 1.9

This tutorial is intended to give an introduction to using Zend Framework to write a simple database driven application. It has been extensively rewritten for version 1.8 of the framework and takes full advantage of the Zend_Tool command line script and Zend_Application for bootstrapping. Other components used include Zend_Controller, Zend_View, Zend_Db_Table and Zend_Form.
Tags: tutorial zend php

September 03 2009

Git Magic

Git is a version control Swiss army knife. A reliable versatile multipurpose revision control tool whose extraordinary flexibility makes it tricky to learn, let alone master. Rather than go into details, we provide rough instructions for particular effects. After repeated use, gradually you will understand how each trick works, and how to tailor the recipes for your needs.


I really like Ryan Bates’s Railscasts, but videos aren’t the easiest thing to search through when you’re trying to search for a single tip or line of Ruby code to add to your own site. ASCIIcasts are text versions of each Railscast, each with a link to the original video. I hope you find them useful. You can keep up to date with new episodes on Twitter.

August 25 2009

Git Resources

Git, though remarkably handy and powerful, is also remarkably hard to use sometimes. Though you can learn the basics easily enough, it can be really tough to dig yourself out of certain corners if you don’t understand what’s going on under the covers.

July 08 2009

scie.nti.st » Hosting Git repositories, The Easy (and Secure) Way

I have been asked more and more these days, "How do I host a Git repository?" Usually it is assumed that some access control beyond simply read-only is involved (some users have commit rights). With access control comes issues of security, and that's a whole other bag of cats. This post is about presenting an answer to this question, without the fuss.

July 03 2009

git[-svn] in 30 minutes

… or something like that… I planned to write a short note about how to start with using git-svn so I can provide a pointer to some of my colleagues. It turned out that git has too many nice features that you should be aware of. :) Hopefully my notes (now being a reference for myself as well, thx to gebi for all the help and feedback) are useful anyway. If you think something (more or less essential, or at least something most of us should be aware of) is missing: please feel free to mention that in the comment section of my blog entry, thanks.
Tags: git tutorial

June 28 2009

Effectively Using Git With Subversion | Viget Extend

The integration between git and Subversion (git-svn) is so well done that several of us have been using git as our interface to all our Subversion repositories. Doing this is fairly simple, but there are some interesting tricks, and so I thought I would share a day in the Viget life with git-svn.

June 25 2009

How do I clone all remote branches with Git? - Stack Overflow

I have a master and a dev branch, both pushed to github, I've cloned, pulled, fetched, but I remain unable to get anything other than the master branch back. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I have RTM any I'm getting no joy at all.

June 18 2009

Interact with REST Services from the Command Line

REST is becoming more popular as a means of implementing Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) as well as merely providing simple remote APIs for interacting with systems. The main reason for this is that it provides a very simple means of creating and consuming Services. Contrasted to SOA implementations like SOAP and REST can be a relief of simplicity.

June 09 2009

I Learn ∴ You Learn » Custom Validations in Rails

Rails validations are nifty, but they can get pretty bulky and difficult to read. In this article we’ll look at how to counteract the bulk with custom validations that enable the use of class methods with clearer names like validates_as_person_name
Tags: rails tutorial
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