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February 22 2013


Monk is a glue framework for web development in Ruby. It’s truly modular by relying on the best tool for each job. It’s also pretty fast thanks to Rack and Sinatra.
Tags: ruby sinatra

February 14 2013

January 08 2013

Easily create single page applications with Sprockets

For a new side project, I needed an easier way to create (and serve) a Single Page Application. I was not going to have a server/api, so a rails application was a no-go. Since I was going to use Scss and Coffee-Script, and split the codebase into various files, using the CLI was not pratical. I really would love to have all the benefits of the assets pipeline, but was not willing to go full-circle and use Rails.
Tags: sinatra ruby

April 12 2011

rkh/sinatra-reloader - GitHub

Advanced code reloader for Sinatra.
Tags: ruby sinatra

Sinatra Book

Sinatra is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for quickly creating web-applications in Ruby.
Tags: sinatra ruby
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