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February 13 2014

February 04 2010

joshknowles's rspec-on-rails-matchers at master - GitHub

A collection of RSpec matchers to be used with the Ruby on Rails project
Tags: rspec rails

September 02 2009

Stubbing Chained Methods with Rspec - Stack Overflow

Client.stub!(:named_scope).and_return(@clients = mock([Client])) @clients.stub!(:first).and_return(@client = mock(Client))

July 20 2009

Mocking/Stubbing partials and helper methods in RSpec view specs

In my previous post I whined about not knowing how to mock/stub partials and helper methods in RSpec view specs. Now I have the answer and I’d like to thank the RSpec users mailing list and David Chelimsky for taking my phone call.

July 16 2009

vandrijevik's with_time_frozen_at at master - GitHub

with_time_frozen_at makes time-sensitive testing using Test::Unit in Ruby super-easy!

June 04 2009

the rails loft - matchers_in_have_tag_blocks.should be(/with_tag/)

Unfortunately, calling have_tag within a have_tag block won't raise an error. There's no mechanism that will warn you that your inner have_tag is ineffective. The results of the inner have_tag will simply be ignored.
Tags: rails rspec ruby

Using rspec have_tag | Ruby Pond

Not everyone realises that that rspec havetag assertion is simply a wrapper for the Test::Unit assertselect. And even if you do, do you really know how powerful a tool it is? I’ve seen many tests and specs where people jump through a whole heap of hoops to check that the desired element exists, well no more! Fresh for today, a quick run down on some of the most useful and powerful selectors you can use with havetag (and by default, assertselect too)
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