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July 26 2014

January 10 2014

September 18 2013

January 10 2013

January 17 2011

mengu/roddot - GitHub

A reddit browser being built with Ruby on Rails and Qooxdoo.
Tags: qooxdoo rails

August 31 2010

August 20 2010

The Ruby Toolbox - Know your options!

The Ruby Toolbox gives you an overview of these tools, sorted in categories and rated by the amount of watchers and forks in the corresponding source code repository on GitHub so you can find out easily what options you have and which are the most common ones in the Ruby community.

June 23 2010

justinfrench's formtastic at master - GitHub

A Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup.
Tags: rails form plugin

plataformatec's show_for at master - GitHub

Wrap your objects with a helper to easily show them
Tags: rails form plugin

June 10 2010

iain's http_accept_language at master - GitHub

A small effort in making a plugin which helps you detect the users preferred language, as sent by the HTTP header.
Tags: rails plugin i18n

June 02 2010


Rack::Cache is suitable as a quick drop-in component to enable HTTP caching for Rack-based applications that produce freshness (Expires, Cache-Control) and/or validation (Last-Modified, ETag) information.
Tags: rack ruby rails

May 26 2010

wycats's rack-offline at master - GitHub

A Rack and Rails plugin for building offline web applications

April 28 2010

A little place of calm » Blog Archive » CouchDB on Rails (part 1 of ?)

This afternoon i decided that what the Internet really needs right now is some information about how to connect Ruby on Rails to a CouchDB database. So i'm going to have a go! I don't quite know what to do (which will probably become very clear!) so this will be a play-along-at-home experience. I'll blog about it in a series of posts, stopping whenever i get stuck. Hopefully i'll receive some feedback on whether what i'm doing is a good idea, and get some tips for what to try next.
Tags: couchdb rails

April 26 2010

April 23 2010

February 23 2010

Sortable lists with JQuery in Rails | Awesomeful

Drag 'n Drop sortable lists are a great way to provide a UI for sorting, well, lists of things. Most Rails examples out in the wild use prototype/scriptaculous and the built in Rails javascript helpers. In this walkthrough we'll provide the same functionality using JQuery instead. We will not be using the built in Rails javascript helper. Instead we'll write Unobstrusive Javascript using JQuery.

February 16 2010

The Ruby Reflector

The Ruby Reflector is a Social News website that reflects upon the Ruby programming community. We're reading 668 blogs, so that you don't have to.
Tags: ruby rails

langalex's culerity at master - GitHub

Culerity integrates Cucumber and Celerity in order to test your application's full stack.

February 05 2010

FasterCSV Documentation

FasterCSV is intended as a replacement to Ruby‘s standard CSV library.
Tags: csv ruby rails
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