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March 19 2012

March 16 2012

July 15 2011

velesin/jasmine-jquery - GitHub

jQuery matchers and fixture loader for Jasmine framework

kainosnoema/ajs - GitHub

Experimental asynchronous templating for Node

July 12 2011

The Node Beginner Book » A comprehensive Node.js tutorial

The aim of this document is to get you started with developing applications for Node.js, teaching you everything you need to know about "advanced" JavaScript along the way. It goes way beyond your typical "Hello World" tutorial.

July 11 2011

socketstream/socketstream - GitHub

SocketStream is a new full stack web framework built around the Single-page Application paradigm. It embraces websockets, in-memory datastores (Redis), and client-side rendering to provide an ultra-responsive experience that will amaze your users.

June 30 2011

June 21 2011

XMLHttpRequest Caching Tests

This is a set of functional tests for determining how client-side HTTP caches operate.

June 03 2011


A tiny script that speeds up, simplifies and modernizes your site


Nicholas C. Zakas is a web software engineer who specializes in user interface design and implementation for web applications using JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, CSS, XML, and XSLT.

May 23 2011


JSONSelect is an experimental selector language for JSON

Byte-saving Techniques

This is a collection of JavaScript wizardry that can shave bytes off of your code
Tags: javascript

May 19 2011

140byt.es — Gist

A tweet-sized, fork-to-play, community-curated collection of JavaScript.
Tags: javascript

May 17 2011

May 04 2011

Microjs: Fantastic Micro-Frameworks and Micro-Libraries for Fun and Profit!

Valentine, IcanHaz, Loadrunner, LABjs, Klass.js, Mustache, Zepto, observer, Bowser, Bootstrap, ES5-Shim, JSON2, picoCSS, Placeholder.js, Spine, Backbone, TurtleWax…
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