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March 09 2011

June 01 2010

Developer’s Notebook: Forward-thinking CSS float-clearing | Pathfinder Development | Software Developers | Blogs

The art of float-clearing - getting containers to honor the height of floated elements inside of them - has slowly evolved over the past several years as Safari has taken over many Mac desktops, IE5/Mac has atrophied, IE7 has slowly caught on, and our use of CSS filters has improved. I'd like to share a slight variation on the state of the art that I believe makes for much cleaner markup. But first, a little background.
Tags: css ie float

March 16 2010

Clearing a float container without source markup

When a float is contained within a container box that has a visible border or background, that float does not automatically force the container's bottom edge down as the float is made taller. Instead the float is ignored by the container and will hang down out of the container bottom like a flag. Those familiar only with Explorer for Windows may scratch their heads and say "That's not right!" True, IE/Win does enclose a float within a container 'automatically', but only if the container element happens to possess the MS-only quality called hasLayout. The W3C suggests placing a "cleared" element last in the container box, which is then recognized by the container height, forcing the container to enclose the float above that cleared element too.
Tags: css hack float
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