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November 19 2014

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Tags: ruby

March 25 2013

LocomotiveCMS is an open source CMS for Rails

LOCOMOTIVE is an open source CMS for Rails. It's super flexible and integrates with Heroku and Amazon S3.
Tags: ruby cms

March 10 2013

March 05 2013

February 22 2013


Monk is a glue framework for web development in Ruby. It’s truly modular by relying on the best tool for each job. It’s also pretty fast thanks to Rack and Sinatra.
Tags: ruby sinatra

February 11 2013

January 11 2013

igrigorik/em-synchrony · GitHub

Fiber aware EventMachine clients and convenience classes
Tags: ruby

Beyond 'gem install MySQL’ in Ruby

Async non-blocking MySQL in Ruby

January 08 2013

Easily create single page applications with Sprockets

For a new side project, I needed an easier way to create (and serve) a Single Page Application. I was not going to have a server/api, so a rails application was a no-go. Since I was going to use Scss and Coffee-Script, and split the codebase into various files, using the CLI was not pratical. I really would love to have all the benefits of the assets pipeline, but was not willing to go full-circle and use Rails.
Tags: sinatra ruby

January 05 2013

Proper Rack Middleware Ordering

Boy was I right. I totally had it backwards.
Tags: ruby rack

July 27 2012

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